Enter the Morbid Baker...
Originally started out her career at the tender age of 8 years old baking wedding cakes with family members using traditional methods.
At the age of 13 While babysitting younger family members, our beloved mistress of the batter would both teach her
younger family members and practice and refine her techniques. In her adolescent years in middle school she further developed her skills
by baking deserts and other confections for school related functions. During her later high school years, she joined a competitive
group and participated in many baking competitions and other related activities.
During college she took time off from her baking career due to her studies and family needs. After her short break after her college years she took up
the art of baking once again and discovered the delicate and exquisite art of cupcake mastery. She started a small home kitchen company called
Gothik Kandy Gurlz which catered to private clients and events. Spin the clock forward several years... she had now perfected the most delicious
and delectable treats the nation had ever seen!

Enter the Mad Chocolatier...
A strange and eerie wind was blowing the day these two forces of nature met. A wildly and imaginative soul together with an extremely talented and
skilled pastry cuisinier and the sky was the limit. Both with their love of the macabre and sugary delights, produced a plethora of ghastly creations.
First starting out with monkey brains & shattered bloody glass, the chocolatier wasn't satisfied there, he went on to imagine and create many more
disturbing delicacies such as the unborn fetus, severed decomposing fingers, monkey guts, and freshly harvested eyeballs.
Many more creations await to be conceived and produced by these two polyphemes of the baking world.
Only way to find out is to come visit us at our upcoming events!


Morbid Cupcakes
P.O. Box 491
Montebello, CA 90640


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